SPC Accomplishments, Issues and Goals

The Sacandaga Protection Committee's accomplishments are impressive consisting of:

  1. Maintaining Exclusive Use of permitted land
  2. Mounting an aggressive legal defense against the Niagara Mohawk/National Grid lawsuit which attempted to eliminate the permit system and include landowners around the lake as beneficiaries requiring them to be assessed annual fees for the operation of the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District.  This legal defense conducted in Federal courts was costly and time consuming starting in 2009 and culminating in 2015 with a complete win on all issues relating to retaining the permit system and beneficiary designation.  See more details of this issue under Ni-Mo Lawsuits. 
  3. McDonald Bill - Each year since 2009 there have been bills introduced in the NYS Senate and and/or NYS Assembly to abolish the HRBRRD and devolve such power of the HRBRRD to the Power Authority of the State of New York. The bill's intentions are to abolish the HRBRRD Board, and "transfer all of the jurisdiction, functions, powers duties and obligations possessed or exercised by, or for which commitments have been made by, such boards, including lands or property acquired, moneys of the board, and actions taken or determinations made by such boards" and to transfer them to the chairman of the NYS Power Authority.

    Just a quick review of this legislation exposes its short-sighted and self- serving nature. The sponsors are legislators representing the 5 downstream beneficiaries of flood control, and are looking for a way to relieve their counties of paying for the flood control benefit assessments. This on the surface is bad public policy. 

    If this legislation were passed into law, local representation for GSL permit holders would be 100% abolished. All policy decisions would be removed from local jurisdiction, and the land in front of our homes and businesses on the lake would now belong to the NYS Power Authority. Imagine a permit issue being resolved by the Power Authority? How easy do you think it would be to transfer a permit upon the sale of a home, or to get permission to cut a dead tree that may be threatening your home?

    The SPC is constantly monitoring this legislation, and our board members have made it a priority to discuss this at every meeting with our elected officials. To date, the legislation has not moved beyond committee review. We need to stay vigilant, and do all we can do to prevent this bill from becoming law.

    Here's the link to the legislation:

SPC Continuing Issues and Goals:

  1. McDonald Bill
  2. Keep the SPC in front of government officials so there is no doubt in their minds that any issue that would affect Sacandaga property owners would be met with tremendous opposition through our constituents and through our well respected legal firm and lobbyists.
  3. Raise sufficient funds to be able to fight any issues that threaten the historic uses of the lake by permit holders and recreational users from the surrounding area.