Classification of the Buffer Area

One of the core issues facing Permit Holders around the Sacandaga Lake is the classification of the State land surrounding the lake known as the Buffer Zone.  The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) currently identifies the Buffer Zone as "Pending Classification" indicating that these State lands are under the jurisdiction of the Hudson River - Black River Regulating District.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has suggested that this land be considered Forest Preserve and that the Permit Holders no longer be granted exclusive use of the Buffer Zone.  The DEC further suggested bans on landscaping, mowing of grass, and the placement of picnic tables, flags, fireplaces, etc. within the Buffer Zone.

The impact of any change to the use of the Buffer Zone by the Permit Holders would have far reaching impacts not only on the Permit Holders, but for the surrounding communities as well.  One of the obvious impacts will be on tax assessments around the lake.....without the exclusive use of the Buffer Zone property tax values would surely have to decline resulting in property tax increases within the surrounding communities.

The SPC's law firm has met with the HRBRRD and the DEC regarding this issue and continues to consider potential resolutions for this issue.  Read the law firm's opinion on this issue here.