January 7, 2019

2018 was an eventful year for the Great Sacandaga Lake and our communities.

The Sacandaga Protection Committee, our lobbyist, legal team, board members and volunteers all played significant roles in our continued success to protect the communities and permit holders all around the GSL. We cannot overstate that the threats and risks continue to exist, and will continue to challenge all of us.

By far, our highlight was lobbying Governor Cuomo to veto the bill targeting permit holders to be considered beneficiaries. This was bad legislation that was amended and passed in the very final hours of the 2018 legislative session. The fallout from this poorly conceived legislation went well beyond affecting just permit holders; it put all residents in Fulton County and the Towns of Edinburg, Day and Providence at risk of increased taxes and fees.

Our attorneys prepared an excellently crafted position paper and memo of opposition to the bill, pointing out the inconsistencies and flaws if the legislation was enacted, and our lobbyist hand delivered the same to the Governor’s office. This, in addition to countless phone calls and over 200 letters, were why this bill was vetoed! The community stood with the SPC and our voices were heard.

While we are ecstatic with this victory, we know challenges are ahead. We will be in Albany with our lobbyist meeting with legislators this spring, and will recommit our efforts to stay ahead of issues affecting the GSL.

As long as we have support, and can fund our lobbyist and attorneys, we will be ahead of these issues. As many have said, the SPC is the best and least expensive insurance everyone can have to protect our lake communities and property values.

Your help and support is essential to our continued success, and we are grateful for your support. All of your donations go to our legal team, lobbyist, outside accountant and financial administration and fund raising. Our board is 100% volunteer. A $200 donation pays for one hour of legal work, a small price to pay for your peace of mind. You may mail your contributions to SPC, P.O. Box 86, Mayfield, NY 12117, or use PayPal. Keep up with our posts on Facebook,

Joe Sullivan & Lou Stutzke, SPC Co-Chairs


December 8, 2018

New York State Governor Cuomo VETOED bill S7957A.

This is the bill that targeted permit holders and our local communities. It would have required the Hudson River Black River Regulating District (HRBRRD) to undertake a comprehensive study of Lake beneficiaries and property tax apportionments. 

This is good news for everyone around the lake, especially permit holders and tax payers in the Towns of Mayfield, Broadalbin, Hadley, Edinburg and Day.  Now we can work on a long term solution that recognizes that the true beneficiaries are identified and the costs of operating the District are funded correctly. 

The SPC would like to thank all of the individuals who contacted the Governor's office to help defeat this bill, and to everyone who supports our efforts. According to our sources in addition to the 1000's of phone calls the Governor's office received over 200 letters. The letters were the most his office has received on an issue in his tenure.

We are making a difference! 

We're a 100% volunteer organization, and we spend the money we raise with our attorneys and lobbyist. Great representation is not cheap, and we believe we get great value for our investment. Please help support us, you may mail your donations to SPC, P.O. Box 86, Mayfield NY 12117, or use the paypal link on our website,

Thank you,

Joe Sullivan and Lou Stutzke



November 27, 2018

The bill requiring the HRBRRD to undertake a comprehensive study of beneficiaries is now on Governor Cuomo's desk. Even if you've already called, please call again and ask the Governor to VETO this bill.

Please call the Governor's office at 518-474-8390 and ask him to veto bill S7957A, the bill requiring the Hudson River Black River Regulating District undertake a new beneficiaries study. The bill is flawed, and unjustly targets permit holders on the Great Sacandaga Lake and the people of Fulton and Saratoga counties.  

Also, please click on link below to read article published in the Adirondack Explorer today.